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By: Julie Willig

Youth for Human Rights Group Asks One Simple Question

June 15, 2017
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My favorite part of coming into work every day is hearing from YOU – our remarkable supporters! Leading up to World Refugee Day in June, I had the pleasure of hearing from a new supporter, the president of Youth for Human Rights of Tampa Bay. When researching a project for World Refugee Day, this impressive group came across Nothing But Nets and learned how easy it is to prevent malaria in refugee camps. Immediately, they created a NET-Raiser Team to begin helping refugees in need! 
Inspired by their ability to make a real impact, the youth set a goal to raise enough funds to cover a small refugee camp as part of their project. Youth for Human Rights of Tampa Bay volunteers began asking everyone they met one simple question: “If you could save a life for $10, would you?” 

For our supporters in Tampa Bay, this one action alone raised more than $500 in a few weeks. The group was midway to reaching its goal by World Refugee Day, with 109 nets for their first NET-Raising project. Our Nothing But Nets team was thrilled to learn that Youth for Human Rights recently reached their goal and raised $1,090 to cover refugees in need! 
“Everyone loves to talk,” says Dustin McGahee, President of Youth for Human Rights Tampa Bay. “I just talk about saving lives. If I talk to a friend, relative, fellow employee or the guy I just met at a basketball game, I briefly mention that children are dying from malaria in Africa. I don’t need to say much, just a few words about how the nets save lives, and they only cost $10. Many times without even asking for a donation the person will ask how they can help.”
Youth for Human Rights Tampa Bay educates youth about the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in schools, community groups, and camps. But now when they talk about Human Right #25, “Food and Shelter for All,” they also mention bed nets as a form of shelter that will save lives. And the best part? Anyone can help save a life for only $10. As Tampa Bay volunteers quickly learned, one simple question has one simple answer: Send a Net and Save a Life.

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