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The United to Beat Malaria College Ambassador Program

United to Beat Malaria is initiating a new push to engage and activate college students through our incoming College Ambassador Program, which launches Fall 2023.

College Ambassadors will use their platforms to contribute to a vitally important cause, bringing awareness to the ongoing battle to end malaria and calling attention to global health issues overall.


What does it mean to be a College Ambassador?

College Ambassadors (CA’s) will be expected to share at least one social media post monthly about malaria that includes both educational content and calls to action (resources, toolkits, and more will be provided to do so.) In addition, we expect CA’s to attend the 3-day Beat Malaria annual Leadership Summit in March in Washington DC, with travel and lodging stipends provided by our campaign.

Further, we expect CA’s to work towards recruiting other students to participate in our Leadership Summit and join CA’s in taking digital advocacy actions throughout the year.

Interested in Joining the CA Program?

WHO are the CAs?

  • Outstanding university students with a passion for the cause
  • Those interested in global health and social impact
  • Students with a great academic and professional record (e.g. 3.0 GPA or higher, extracurricular involvement, volunteer experience, and so forth)
  • College-aged individuals active on social media, with around 1,000 or more followers on Instagram

WHY be a CA?

  • To engage new audiences and spread awareness about malaria and the global health inequities associated with it
  • To use your platform to contribute to a vitally important cause
  • Increased internship potential at the United Nations Foundation
  • Enhance professional experience and a wide reach of connections across several fields in tandem with global health and advocacy

WHAT do CAs do?

  • College Ambassadors are ultimately a new component in carrying out United to Beat Malaria’s mission: “the United Nations Foundation’s United to Beat Malaria campaign is the world’s largest grassroots campaign working together to save lives by bringing together UN partners, advocates, and organizations, to raise awareness, funds, and voices to protect vulnerable families from malaria”

Standards & Requirements

  • No in-feed posts of underage drinking, illegal activity, or otherwise inappropriate content while holding a position as an ambassador.
  • Instagram profiles must be set to “public” for the duration of the ambassadorship.
  • Must meet the quota of one post per month using United to Beat Malaria branding and messaging.
  • Consistent reposting and amplification of UTBM social content across active platforms.
  • Contribute to or host one event per semester for United to Beat Malaria (for the inaugural cohort, a discussion around the new “Dream Big Sleepout” initiative will be held.)

Resources & Toolkits for Posting

Key Dates to Post (2023)

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