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United to Beat Malaria


The United to Beat Malaria community is comprised of philanthropists, students, congregations, businesses, and organizations – all sharing a common mission to save lives and end malaria within this generation. This community has allowed our small but mighty team to provide more than 13 million insecticide-treated bed nets, along with other critical interventions, have protected over 25 million people from malaria worldwide.  Every donation, whether it’s $10 or $10,000, has made a positive impact on a family affected by malaria.

We’re so thankful to all United to Beat Malaria supporters, and we’d like to recognize those who have made extraordinary contributions over the past year.


Aptive Environmental

Benito & Frances C. Gaguine Foundation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation




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David C. Dodson

Ed and Mary Schreck Foundation

Matthew J. Bellanich

Mosquito Joe

Simon Estes Foundation

William and Debbie Becker


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J. Parsons and Andrea Hong

Janice and Stan Abshier

Omar Family Charitable Fund

Rick and Cynthia Reilly

Ryan Pennington

The Schauble Family Foundation

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Bryan Eckelmann

David and Joy Peyton

Fishers Veterinary Associates

Oba McMillan

Olsson Family Foundation

Ryan and Emily Stoner

SMS Foundation Inc.

Susan O. Bush

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