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Joining Forces to Combat HIV and Malaria in Malawi

With partnership comes progress in the fight to end preventable diseases.

That’s why we’re proud to announce we’re joining forces to treat and test for HIV and malaria in Malawi. Watch this short video to learn more about our work to fund mobile health clinics and hear from our champions Scott Wolf and wife Kelley as well as actress Alexandra Daddario about how this important work is changing the lives of families and communities.

Combined, malaria and HIV cause more than two million deaths each year – but you can help. By funding mobile health clinics in rural areas, we can ensure that communities have access to testing, treatment, and basic healthcare that they need to survive. Help us continue this life-saving work. Donate today!

Want to learn more? Sign up here to get more information about the work of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Nothing But Nets – and how you can join the fight to end these diseases for good.

For all media inquiries related to his partnership, please contact Rachel Henderson and Cristin Klein.

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