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Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. While 2020 has been a year of challenges around the world, here at Nothing But Nets we continue to stay grateful for the community that stands with us in the fight against malaria. We especially couldn’t do this work without our corporate partners.  

If you need inspiration for giftbuying this season, check out these partners below who carry a wide variety of items – you are bound to find something for someone. When you support these businesses, you help protect mothers, fathers and children at risk of malaria, an entirely preventable disease.

For the hiker and camper  

Cotopaxi is a certified B Corporation, donating 1% of all revenue to important causes working to alleviate poverty around the world, including Nothing But NetsThey carry men’s and women’s outdoor gear, such as jackets, activewear and other essential outdoor accessories. Our team member Jonathan loves his Cotopaxi mask!

For the friend who is complaining about pesky critters in their home 

Aptive is a national pest control company who believes every home should be enjoyed – especially as we spend more time at home. All year you can get your home treated by Aptive with environmentally responsible products. But now, during the holidays, Aptive will give a $50.00 donation to Nothing But Nets for every new customer who signs up with the code NBN50

Hello discount and goodbye pesky critters! 

For the homebody who loves comfort  

Parachute carries premium quality sheets, towels, robes, rugs and all things soft and wonderful.  For every purchase from their Venice sheet set line, they will donate two life-saving bed nets to Nothing But Netsa comfortable night’s sleep for you and a safe night’s sleep for families around the world.

For the friend who’d always rather be outside

Shoo for Good’s luxurious cotton scarves and wraps don’t just look good, they also repel mosquitoes. They’re perfect for draping over your shoulders when you’re sitting lakeside, strolling through the woods, watching the sunset, or just relaxing in your own garden – and when we are back out in the real world, perfect for outdoor weddings, concerts, and travel.

The wraps are handwoven by artisans in Ethiopia working under fair and sustainable conditions, then enhanced with EPA-registered Insect Shield technology to keep the mosquitos at bay.

For every purchase, Shoo for Good sends proceeds to Nothing But Nets – and on #GivingTuesday they are doubling their contributions! If you time your purchase right, you can double your impact in the fight against malaria.

For the outdoor adventurers   

Borne Clothing is celebrating their first year down in Newcastle, Australia with their mozzie repelling t-shirts. These sustainably made t-shirts are treated with EPA-approved permethrin, a mosquito repellent.  

The team at Borne Clothing dreams of a world where no child has to die from a mosquito bite – that’s why they have committed to giving half of all their profits to Nothing But Nets to end mosquito borne diseases.  

Borne Clothing is also releasing kids sizes soon – and their shirts sell quickly, so if you are thinking about buying any, move fast!

For the fashion trendsetter  

Vuliwear is a unique brand of designer sunglasses inspired by insect eyes – like the Vamp, inspired by the square-headed wasp, or the Deuces inspired by the striped horsefly! 

While Vuliwear (Vuli meaning shade in Swahili) is inspired by insects, they also understand that many bugs are deadly, including mosquitos. Vuliwear is committed to giving a portion of their proceeds from every purchase of an innovative and creative pair of sunglasses to the fight against malaria.

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