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About the United to Beat Malaria Leadership Summit


We have an opportunity to eradicate malaria, one of the deadliest diseases in human history. Malaria is a historic injustice that disproportionately impacts those who are at the greatest risk of other major global challenges: poverty, the refugee crisis, climate change, and rampant inequalities in terms of access to quality health services.

It’s time we take a stand to beat malaria—together. COVID-19 has made it crystal clear what we have known all along: global challenges require global cooperation. We know that eradicating malaria will be no small feat. It will require extraordinary commitment, collaboration, and innovation from all aspects of society: governments, private sector, the global health community, and individuals—like you—raising their voices united to beat malaria.

And this is where our Leadership Summit comes in! Our annual Summit brings together hundreds of passionate advocates so that they can engage deeper in the fight against malaria and meet with their members of Congress about the importance of continued strong US leadership in the global fight against malaria.

Across three days, advocates will hear from experts in global health and will receive hands on training as they prepare to meet with members of Congress on Capitol Hill. During meetings, Champions will emphasize the critical importance of continued US investment in vital malaria programs—including The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the President’s Malaria Initiative. These programs protect millions of people from malaria each year and keep the world on track towards eradication.

Interested in joining us for our next leadership summit? Be sure to sign up to receive advocacy updates—text CHAMPION to 30644.

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