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Nigeria is home to the highest number of global malaria cases and deaths. In 2019 the country reported over 83.4 million cases.

Malaria is transmitted all over the country year-round, with children under five, pregnant women, and internally displaced persons most likely to be affected.

Join us #OntheFrontlines and protect communities at risk today.

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This World Malaria Day, your gift will help expand essential, lifesaving malaria prevention interventions for the most vulnerable displaced and conflict affected people in Borno state, Nigeria.

Your contribution will support malaria prevention efforts in homes and provide local health centers with critical resources.

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Help us raise $100,000 by May 1st in honor of World Malaria Day to unlock another $100,000 in matching funds. Your gift will be DOUBLED, allowing more people in Borno State, Nigeria to receive lifesaving protection from malaria.

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Nigeria Holds the Line Against Malaria: Hauwa’s Story

Meet Hauwa.

Hauwa is 25 years old and a mother to four children.  She lives with her family in Bulabulin (Borno State), Nigeria.  Like many people in her region, Hauwa is a malaria survivor.

Hauwa spoke with our partner on the ground in Borno State and recalled her experience with this deadly disease.

“Malaria makes our body weak. The fever takes over your whole body. Even talking becomes painful,” she explained.

“I remember waking up in the morning, everything else seems confusing. My husband was away from the house at work. My neighbors called him back and he found me laying on the floor.

I was told that it was malaria.”


IRC Graphic
  • In 2019, Nigeria reported over 83.4 million malaria cases.

  • Nearly one in four malaria cases worldwide occur in Nigeria.

  • Nigeria loses close to 100,000 people and 5% of its total Gross Domestic Product each year due to malaria.

  • 97% are Nigerians are at-risk and it’s estimated 60% of all outpatient visits are due to malaria.

  • Malaria is the biggest cause of reported illnesses (44%) and deaths (34%) in Borno State.

Join us #OntheFrontlines and protect communities at risk today.

Protect families from malaria in honor of World Malaria Day. Your gift will be doubled now through May 1st.

Donate Now! Start Your Own Fundraiser. Download World Malaria Fundraising Toolkit.

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