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Partner Products

We’re grateful for partners who give back! From bed sheets to scarves, support our partners who have joined the fight to defeat malaria through their products.


For every Venice Set purchased, Parachute Home donates two life-saving malaria bed net through Nothing But Nets.

Charity Miles

Move with purpose. With the Charity Miles app you can donate to Nothing But Nets for free on your walk, jog, or bike ride!


Cotopaxi products are sourced from fair, sustainable working conditions. Their products are guaranteed to last 61 years—the average lifespan of a person living in the developing world. Each year, they provide targeted grants to nonprofits, including Nothing But Nets.


GIANTmicrobes sells plush organisms and cells, only a million times actual size! 10% of the proceeds from their malaria plush will be donated to Nothing But Nets.


Borne Clothing is celebrating their first year down in Newcastle, Australia with their mozzie repelling t-shirts. These sustainably made t-shirts are treated with EPA-approved permethrin, a mosquito repellent. 50% of every purchase goes to Nothing But Nets and the fight against malaria.  

Shoo for Good 

Shoo for Good mosquito-repelling cotton scarves and wraps are perfect for draping over your shoulders when you’re sitting lakeside, strolling through the woods, watching the sunset, or just relaxing in your own garden. For every purchase, Shoo for Good sends proceeds to Nothing But Nets. 

Simon Estes

After a legendary six-decade career, opera superstar Simon Estes has dedicated his life to protecting children from malaria. The 82-year old bass-baritone singer has released a new compilation album with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Nothing But Nets.

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