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We all have a role to play in the fight against malaria. Since 2006, our supporters across the U.S. and around the world have raised awareness, money, and voices to end malaria. You can help end malaria—and you can start right now. Here are some of our favorite fundraisers…

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Donate Your Birthday

This year, make a birthday wish that is sure to have many happy returns—Donate Your Birthday with United to Beat Malaria! Send bed nets on behalf of your friends’ and loved ones’ birthday and ensure that children around the world get to grow up healthy.

Everyone is doing it – from our Global Ambassador Stephen Curry to actress and Beat Malaria supporter, Alex Daddario, to our friends at The Cornerstone Community who have visited Zambia over eight times. (After their latest trip they had over 100 people commit to Donating their Birthdays!) There is a movement happening, and we want you to be a part of it.

Join us this year in Donating Your Birthday and give a gift that helps protect lives.

To get started right away, click here!

You can also donate other special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, and milestones.

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Rally Your Community

School teacher and advocate, Jamie Mahanic, organized and hosted an event alongside the Detroit Pistons. Her event was twofold. First, she educated the students by organizing an assembly at Wegienka Elementary in Brownstown, Michigan. The assembly hosted a local pastor that has had malaria and did mission work in Africa. He taught the students and staff about his experience, how malaria is spread, and the importance of malaria bed nets. The second part of the event included attending a Detroit Pistons basketball game. Since the Detroit Pistons team has historically supported United to Beat Malaria, including having former players like Anthony Tolliver donate nets for plays made, the Pistons were generous enough to donate $10 back from each ticket sold. The Wegienka Elementary school earned $1,300 total from this event in 2017.


Get Creative

Mullets Against Malaria is a fundraiser undertaken by the Gentlemen of St. Edward’s Hall dorm at the University of Notre Dame around Homecoming Season. It’s a day where the Gentlemen of St. Edward’s Hall sport the legendary hairstyle of the 80’s, the mullet, to raise awareness on campus and join forces with United to Beat Malaria to fight the spread of a disease. Through creativity and the power of alliteration, the group settled on the idea of cutting mullets for residents as a way to encourage donation to the fight against malaria. In 2016, they even had United to Beat Malaria Champion Ruth Riley, general manager for the San Antonio Stars and former WNBA player for the Atlanta Dream, join them to buzz heads in person. In 2021, its eighth year of existence, the Mullets Against Malaria fundraiser generated $15,411 in just under 10 days!

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