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Meet Our Team Working To Beat Malaria

Our Leadership

Margaret McDonnell

Executive Director

Margaret is the Executive Director of the United to Beat Malaria campaign. She loves tackling complex problems to make the world a better place and taking adventures from Alaska to Guatemala to Rwanda. Margaret has three young kids, so she is particularly passionate about protecting children from malaria.

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Alison Oliveira Wheeler


Alison is the Director of the United to Beat Malaria campaign, oversees resource mobilization, partnerships, communications and marketing. When she is not advocating for kids around the world, she is rooting for her son and daughter on the basketball court.

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Cecilia Mundaca Shah, MD, DrPH

Director, Global Health

Cecilia leads the UN Foundation’s malaria policy and advocacy global health portfolio and plays a key role in driving global health planning efforts, particularly in pandemic preparedness. As a medical doctor from Peru, Cecilia is committed to advancing locally driven solutions to achieve human development with equity.

Patty Sanchez Bao

Senior Officer, Global Heath

Patty manages the implementation of the UN Foundation’s strategy to advance support for malaria elimination in the Americas. As an anthropologist, she is passionate about advancing human development for women, indigenous people and other vulnerable populations.

Tara Bracken

Senior Officer, Malaria Advocacy and Communications, Global Health

Tara helps coordinate NBN’s work with the global malaria community through the RBM Partnership to End Malaria. As a former malaria biomedical researcher, Tara is passionate about sharing scientific discoveries with her community. Outside the office, she can be found serving as a docent at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Dana McLaughlin

Senior Associate, Global Health

Dana is a member of the UN Foundation’s Global Health team. She manages United to Beat Malaria‘s malaria grant portfolio and serves as the focal point for the UN agencies who receive grant funding from United to Beat Malaria for malaria prevention and treatment. Outside of the office, you can find her on the soccer field trying to put the ball in the back of the net.

Mike Beard

Global Health Director

Mike Beard is the Global Health Director for the Better World Campaign. In these roles, Mike directs BWC’s global health initiatives and the advocacy portfolio of UNF’s signature campaigns, including United to Beat Malaria, Shot@Life, Girl Up, and the Universal Access Project.

Jacci Guy

Director, Global Health Advocacy, Malaria

Jacci manages and builds relationships with Members of Congress and their staffs to amplify the importance of the fight to end malaria. Not one for a light schedule, Jacci also coaches fitness classes and spends every available minute with her pitbull and husband (in that order, of course).

Bridget Dotson

New Member Outreach Associate

Bridget leads advocacy efforts and engagement with freshman Members of Congress and their staff to join the fight to end malaria across the globe. Outside of the office you can find her at the gym, traveling, cooking, or cuddling with her goldendoodle, Luca.

Wendy Dimas

Senior Officer, Grassroots Advocacy

Wendy equips and empowers our grassroots advocates across the country to take action in the fight to end malaria. When not working to create a malaria-free world, Wendy enjoys connecting with friends and family, watching documentaries and practicing yoga.

Maegan Cross

Associate, Grassroots Advocacy

Maegan supports the work of the Grassroots Advocacy team by mobilizing and empowering advocates from across the country to unite in the fight against malaria. In her free time, Maegan enjoys watching live theater, trying out new restaurants, and spending time with her cat.

Emile Dawisha

Senior Officer, Communications

Emile leads our communications and digital media development. In past lives, Emile has been a journalist, dog walker, tour guide, grant writer, and a failed vegetarian.

Amardeep (Deep) Shergill

Associate, Communications & Digital Media

Deep leads digital communications on the United to Beat Malaria team with a focus in social media, digital marketing, and communications across the campaign. Outside of the office you can find him traveling, drumming, or playing soccer.

Jonathan Kidwell

Senior Officer, Partnerships & Development

Jonathan manages the portfolio of amazing corporate partners for the United to Beat Malaria campaign. When he isn’t collaborating with companies to end malaria, he is most likely spending time with his family, on his bike, or baking.

Candice Woods

Officer, Individual Giving

Candice manages the grassroots donor and major donor fundraising program for the campaign. Outside of United to Beat Malaria, you will most likely find her reading, paddle boarding, playing soccer, or on her quest to find the best bagel.

Natalie Hart

Campaign Coordinator

Natalie provides administrative support for the NBN team and helps cultivate sustainable relationships for the campaign by engaging partners, donors, and volunteers in advocacy and fundraising opportunities. Outside of the office, you’ll probably find her scaling rock walls, painting, or trying out a new recipe.

Reilly Keenan

Assistant, Development

Reilly manages United to Beat Malaria’s donor portfolios, maintains fundraising initiatives, and provides grassroots stewardship support. Outside of the campaign, she enjoys skiing in Vermont and trying new soup recipes!

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