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Preparing for Your Congressional Meeting

Before you meet with your member of Congress, brush up on the facts. Download the below documents for all you need to know about why the U.S. should remain a leader in the fight to defeat malaria, the importance of the United Nations and its agencies, and more.


What You Need During Your Congressional Meeting

While you’re in your meeting, make sure you have the latest information and data points on appropriations and budget news. Download them here.


General Advocacy Resources

Need to brush up on official Nothing But Nets messages? Have questions about how to screen our VR film on a Google Cardboard? We’ve got you covered! Don’t forget to also download our post-meeting survey and sample op-ed to pitch to media and make sure your advocacy activity is publicized.

Still have questions?

We want to make sure you have everything you need to feel capable and confident in your advocacy for the fight to defeat malaria. If you have additional questions or need more materials, please let us know!

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