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Worldwide, malaria takes the life of over half a million people each year.

It is a historic injustice that mirrors global societal inequities. Malaria disproportionately impacts young children, pregnant women, refugees and internally displaced persons, and communities with little to no access to health services.

Malaria is preventable.


United in Health, together we can safeguard 180,000 people by December 31st.

Your Impact to Date

Join people around the world who are #UnitedinHealth this holiday season. Simple, affordable solutions, like insecticide treated and indoor residual spraying, can protect families and communities from malaria. Join us and invest in health.


Unite in health and join our global community working to end malaria for good.


A Message From Our Exec. Director, Margaret McDonnell

Join Us and Invest in Health

Your gift will help families and communities throughout South Sudan access lifesaving malaria prevention, treatment, and testing tools.


Just $10 can diagnose and treat a child with malaria. Without access to early treatment, a mild case of malaria can rapidly progress to severe illness and death.

$25 can protect 5 pregnant women and their unborn child from malaria with preventative medication.

$100 can protect a community. You can provide 20 nets to give a safe night’s sleep for 40 children and peace of mind for their parents.

Want to Join our Global Movement and Safeguard the Health of Families Most at Risk?

Check out our toolkit for all the tips and resources you need to take action:

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