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Drive sales and increase retention through customized fundraising campaigns and employee engagement events that help build brand recognition and loyalty.

Fundraising to save lives:

Strengthen Customer Commitment

  • Cause marketing
  • E-commerce round-up at check out
  • Custom online fundraising page specific to your partnership with United to Beat Malaria

Reach a New Audience

  • Provide matching funds for United to Beat Malaria direct mail and email appeals – campaigns with matching funds generate up to 50% more in matching donations
    • Campaigns with matching funds generate up to 50% more in donations
  • Sponsor the Beat Malaria Leadership Summit
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Employee engagement to increase impact

Raise Funds

  • Themed wellness activities – 5k, basketball tournament, etc.
  • Work anniversary or birthday honorariums
  • Dress down day

Raise Awareness

  • United to Beat Malaria trivia night
  • Host a “Lunch and Learn” and screen the United to Beat Malaria virtual reality film, Under the Net

Raise Your Voice

  • Become a Beat Malaria Champion
  • Write a Letter to the Editor around World Malaria Day or World Mosquito Day
  • Sign an Online Petition
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