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Madagascar is increasingly vulnerable to the climate crisis through rising temperatures, erratic rain patterns, and more frequent and severe weather events. The climate and weather changes have negative impacts on health and increase cases of malaria with children under five, pregnant women, and internally displaced persons most likely to be affected. 

Join us #OntheFrontlines and protect communities at risk today. 

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This World Malaria Day, your gift will help expand essential, lifesaving malaria prevention interventions for the most vulnerable children and pregnant women in Madagascar 

Your contribution will support the delivery of malaria prevention, treatment, and testing tools.

Challenge Match – Double Your Impact

Help us raise $100,000 by May 15th  in honor of World Malaria Day to unlock another $100,000 in matching funds. Your gift will be DOUBLED, allowing more people in Madagascar to receive lifesaving protection from malaria.

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Join us #OntheFrontlines and protect communities at risk today.

Protect families from malaria in honor of World Malaria Day. Your gift will be doubled now through May 15th.

Donate Now! Start Your Own Fundraiser. Download World Malaria Fundraising Toolkit.

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