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Join over 500 passionate malaria advocates from across the U.S. and all walks of life who are leading the fight against malaria in their communities.

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What do Beat Malaria Champions do?

Utilizing the tools and resources provided by United to Beat Malaria, our champions find new and creative ways to grow the movement. By joining webinars, attending United to Beat Malaria events, and working with the United to Beat Malaria team, these advocates are empowered in their to work to defeat malaria in their communities.

Champions hold in-district and Capitol Hill meetings advocating for full funding of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the President’s Malaria Initiative, and the UN as well as fundraise for our work to protect families from this deadly disease. They build critical community awareness by hosting events, recruiting new Champions, and engaging the media – and they are an indispensable piece of our work to defeat malaria.

Become a champion
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Engaging Leaders

Champions engage Members of Congress and other elected leaders by scheduling meetings in-district and on Capitol Hill, through online actions, events, and social media.

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Raising Funds

Champions raise crucial dollars to fight malaria through community events and online actions. From hosting bake sales and basketball tournaments to partnering with NBA teams like the Detroit Pistons, no action is too small when it comes to raising funds to save lives.

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Building Awareness

Champions educate and inspire communities around the world to take action by telling stories on stage, virtually and through the media.

Beat Malaria Champions

Latest Champion News

Post Author Post Author
Shaun Karakkattu,  United to Beat Malaria
September 26, 2023

Meet Our Interns: Shaun Karakkattu, Communications Intern

Tell us about yourself! My name is Shaun Karakkattu, and I am a Cornelius Vanderbilt scholar at Vanderbilt University. I was born in Dubai, UAE, and grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I love to travel and have been to over 20 countries. I am an economics and history major. As someone interested in behavioral economics, … Continued

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Post Author
Emile Dawisha
September 19, 2023

Private sector, UN partners team up to support Ecuador’s malaria elimination push

This century, the Americas region has taken a huge leap forward in the fight against malaria. Between 2000 and 2021, Latin America and the Caribbean saw a 60% percent drop in malaria cases.  Argentina, Paraguay,  El Salvador, and Belize have all been certified malaria-free by the World Health Organization in recent years. Several more countries … Continued

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Post Author
Wendy Dimas
September 15, 2023

Thank you for a successful virtual advocacy day!

Thank you to all the Champions who raised their voices in support of life-saving global malaria programs as part of our virtual Advocacy Day on September 14th!  Because of your efforts, Meetings with Congress were a massive success! 108 Champions representing 36 states held 84 meetings with Congressional offices, advocating for full funding for the President’s Malaria … Continued

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